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Pakistan President


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This may be my strange sense of humour but it made me giggle all the way to work after hearing the news on the radio this morning.


The Pakistan President has claimed American secret service threatened his country while demanding assistance in locating terror suspects within Pakistan


*now read this next bit in a real cheesy American accent*


The exact words used where "if you dont help us we'll bomb you back to the stone age"


Sounds like a line out of Rambo :lol:

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Think Ian hit it on the head with the "Team America World Police" comment.


It still makes me chuckle now, classic Americans god help us when they turn nasty in our direction. I'v gota admit tho take away the nukes and having a little crack at the 2 bit yanks with their mass numbers, top spec equipment and no fookin brains would be quite an interesting proposition and could have me signing on the dotted line!


*I have issues dont I* :huh:

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It's Official...the Fish has Declared war on the U.S.A.


Operation Desert Daze should prove interesting fodder for CNN.


Best o luck fish, I think you will go ok mate against that rabble, but maybe wise to take Reg along just in case ( he hates evry cnut).... ;)


But then again ya mate Craccer would simply argue them to a boring death & a resounding victory... ;)






( All jkes guys)

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