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Arteta Needs To Get His Arse In Gear


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I think in recent games Mikel Arteta has been flatering to deceive


Yes, hes full of is little twists and turn, back heels and lay offs


Bur there is no really cut and thrust, he seems to be playing within himself


Its time for him to show us how good he is at being a playmaker, there wasnt one decent through ball or incesive pass in the whole of the game



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i agree!! since the start of the season I've read numerous articles saying how great he's been and that he's the cornerstone of our rise up the table, and every game i've seen this year (including the preseason game against Celtic) the commentator has said when he's stepped up for a free-kick "Arteta is lethal from this range" - and I'm still yet to see him hit more than about 2 decent free-kicks!!


must do better, or the same people that are praising him will turn on him, and then his confidence will be low.....


well thats what i think anyway :lol:

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funny how we always focus on the negative things.


i agree that he hasnt been his best. but he did set up cahill with a brilliant cross.


he is a good player to have on the team and he certainly needs to put as much effort into his game rather than in his skill. because sometimes it isnt needed



I wouldnt say negative Alex, I think everybody can see what a good player he is, he just needs to perform throughout the match and make sure hes always in the match, hes too good a player to just fade for 10 or so minutes.


I rate him very highly, just would like to see a bit more than he has given this season, last season he was immense and has shown is quality this season, in spells.


I want to see him getting looked at for Spain, he's alot better than Garcia and I could see him cutting it internationally, if he doesnt get there then at least hes at the best league club in the world :D

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He dives aswell. Well maybe not dive but goes down very easily!


i dont like that bout him.


Class player tho  :D




I couldnt give a shit about him diving if it gets us free kicks or penalties tbh. We are going to get decisions against us for other teams who's players dive so I dont have a problem with Mikky winning us a few.

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