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Unfair Bank Charges Refunded .


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Was moaning to my mate Jay in work the other day bout how the bank keep raping me with bank charges each month for going over my agreed overdraft limit and he told me about an intersting website designed to allow you to claim back all unfair bank charges by common law practice .


Dont know if anyone else regulary gets ripped off by the bank but if so type in on a google search '' Govon Law Centre - unfair bank charges '' cos it gives you a step by step run through on how to claim back all your unfair charges over the last couple of years .


In my case this could actually be a couple of thousand as the bank normally let me go up to 250 nicker over my agreed limit but then end up chargin me 100 or 125 quid a month for the priveledge as well as my overdraft interest rate .


Just been on the site there and it gives you a pre-written letter stating that by common law practice it is illegal for the bank to charge more than it costs to inform me i am over my agreed limit which should be say the cost of a letter , maybe 50 pence or something .


It goes into loads of technical jargon but if the bank reply to the letter stating that you have agreed to the terms of you account and that they are unwilling to refund these charges there is a second more strongly word letter to send to the bank citing that by common law practice default charges of over 12 quid are deemed to be unfair and that if the bank are unwilling to refund then they will be taken to the small claims court .


Apparently 9 times out of 10 the bank will not let it go that far due to the bad publicity and also due to the fact they don't have a leg to stand on so they will normally make you and offer directly for a percentage of the claim .


My mate Jay tried to claim back 1200 quid and after sending the second letter to the bank they made him an offer of around 900 quid whcih he accepted ( couldn't be ar5ed haggling ove rest in the small claims court ) .


Well you get the general jist of the site and i'am gonna give it a go and see what happens but it seems slighlty to good to be true to me .


Hope this helps out some of my fellow Blues in the same prediciment with their bank but if any of you are clued up on this sort of thing i'd like to hear from you to see what you think and wether it may just be a waste of time .


Like i said though it worked for Jay so its gotta be worth a shot . :)

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I have been hit with £150 bank charges this month..


£50 for going 7.16 overdrawn

£50 for going 3p overdrawn

£50 for going 9p overdrawn

£50 for going overdrawn for more than four days.


It's a joke. I have been trying to close this account for a month now and because they delay the bank charges by a month you can never close it because they charge and charge. I've moved £100 to the account now just cover the bank charges.


As willo pointed out these can be claimed back from the small claims court. It's a nuisance though.


We should start our own bank.. ToffeeBank - For the skint Evertonian

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Had similar some time back.


I have my self set up uno car payments & 90% of me bills & the jist to get Direct debited str8 from my bank a/c to whoever the recipiant. Mostly monthly.


No good the Banks system was down the day my debits were to come out & no one got paid.


Result, Defaulted a cple of loans, left the power man cranky & then the bank sodimised me with $50 (oz) chrages for each payment I ahd defaulted.


Got it sorted eventually...But plenty of grief involved in dealing with the bank.

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£128 Sandwich!!


I recently purchased a sandwich from boots for £2.99 pushing me over my overdraft limit by £2.49.


I received a £25 charge for this.


Because it's an internet account I don't receiver letters informing me of bank charges so I did not know about it.


I received another £25 charge.

and another.


I then scraped together £100 to cover the costs of the the bank charges. They were swallowed whole, this took my balance to -£219.


On the same day.. I received two lots of charges for both for £25 again taking me over my overdraft limit.


Today I paid in £200 after receiving letter yesteday threatening my account with a default.


Am I right in thinking I am able to claim these charges back as A+L are not involved in the test case?

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