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Well done the scots but gonna b frank and honest here :P



I cant stand Scotland winning cos they always try to shove it down Englands neck . :angry:


I was in Tenerife in 2001 when we played Greece ( Beckhams fantastic freekick ) and all the Scots alongside were cheering on Greece ,


That was it for me , the Scottish national side getting beat is always a plus for me but fair play to then beating France , good result .


P.S. if ur English u seriously dont want Scotland to do well cos they just slag us off . ( nationally that is ) . :P

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They hate the English with a passion its not banter, any that don't are few and far between. Their own team is so shite, (below Senegal & Tunisia in Fifa Rankings :lol: ) they have to get involved supporting England's opponents because by the time any major tournament gets going they've either not qualified or been knocked out in the group stages. You see the sale of Trinidad & Tobago shirts went through the roof in Scotland during the summer :lol: ? Sad bastards.


The request to join the Premiership was a joke, can you imagine it the other way around? I couldn't give a fook about Scotland, their results dont matter because come next November they will still won't have qualified.

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i dont really like scotland anymore. i read in the paper that a girl in the inner hebredies was bullied (by that i mean punched kicked, broken bones going to intensive care) all because she was english. and of course the local council didnt do a bloody thing so she tried to kill herself.


by some miricle shes still alive and she is now living in derby. she says she never wants to go to scotland again.



and you say its only banter ye right.

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