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No Debate On Roy Keane


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Unfortunately I don't see him joining us.....even if he did join another prem side (which seems unlikely) we would be far from 1st choice....

However, how can anyone suggest we shouldn't take him (if we could afford him)?


First, he is still a QUALITY player....it doesn't matter what type of player he is, because at the moment we are lacking quality players irrespective of their natural style of play or positions.....top quality players can influence games from anywhere on the pitch and in any role.....


Second, he is a FIGHTER.....many on here are complaining about our lack of fight at the moment --- he may be confrontational (and a bit psychotic in my opinion), but we could do with the fight he would bring to our side.....


Maybe answering the following is an interesting excercise:


who would you rather have at centre back - weir or keane? I go with keane


who would you rather have at right back - hibbert or keane? I go with keane


who would you rather have at left back - neville, valente, ferrari, pistone or keane? I go with keane (admittedly valente & ferrari haven't had many chances)


who would you rather have at centre-mid - davies or keane? I go with keane


who would you rather have left-mid - kilbane or keane? I go with keane


Even out of position and at 34/35 years old, I think a player of his class would be my preferred choice out those mentioned........even if it's only for 1 or 2 seasons....

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wud not him over hibbert or valente or ferrari for that matter


weir...y keane wen kroudlrup is on the bench


davies....yes to an extent, on his day though i think hes a decent player


kilbane....yes but keane cannot play on the wing (neither can kilbane apparntly after saturday)


but as u say i really dont see him comin, more attractive clubs out there, wages too high and IMO hes just too old, i would rather see youth brought in

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yeah but if he joined us he wouldnt have to sell his house and move some where else!

I think that we need a 'Keane' character to kick that lot into shape and crunch a few at training.


I think that he will go to whoever offers the most lolly!


So thats us right out of the reckoning...


although Moyesy refused to comment on him after the WBA disaster.

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been thinking about this since posting in the keane thread in the rumour section and i now think even though its highly unlikely he would come to us i think short term it would b a good signing after saturdays disgracefull performance and r midfield looking very light weight keane would defo improve the midfield as long as he keeps his mouth shut and takes a pay cut both of which also unlikely i would give him a chance to play for the mighty blues

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i want him, but idont want him to keep his mouth shut, he gets peoples backs up, he scares the opposition (and the ref) he WAS the best midfielder this country has seen in a long time, but he isfar from the worst. he will take a pay cut where ever he goes, no one will give him £90,000 a week. i know we need more quality, but he could bring the best out of what we already have too!

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IMO, worth a go, for short term.


When Valente recovers, and if do join us, then our midfiled can become:


VDM, Neville, Keane, Cahill, Arteta


If we are to play 4-5-1, with Cahill assisting the single forward. Keane can help also in attacking. Neville could concentarate more in defending, fighting for loose balls, etc.


We do miss a leader like Grave. Keane has the character and ability to fill this void.

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keane is gunna be takin a massive pay cut wherever he goes, no question about that!


he wont be at juve, they have confirmed that to be aload of crap.


i hope we do bring him in, even if its only till the summer


Agreed... i think that like neville he would also bring not only strenght to the team, but also a wealth of knowledge too.

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