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Fishing Kit.


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Been fishing once in my adult life Mac...a Sunday in September 1989 (I remember because I listened to the last Day of the "famous :unsure: " drawn Ryder Cup on the radio. I was taken by two fishing nut mates and had an absolutely brilliant relaxing day sat by a beautiful river. It was only spoilt by the occasional fish which inconveniently got itself caught on my hook and had to be detached by one of my friends 'cos I wasn't gonna touch the bloody thing!!!


Consequently I'm not the man to ask :D .


(Also borrowed some fly fishing stuff and had a few casting lessons from another mate in about 1994 when I was going to stay by a loch near Castle Douglas...went to buy a license from a pub in St Johns Town of Dalry and was told it was the off season :( , end of fishing career)

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I hated fishing till moved darn sarf. ( Very Sarf).


Bit diff here though being warm & having the great barrier reef nearby.


It's almost cheatinga s i dunno WTf im doin but always seem to catch a fish.


Think before shellin out Mac ya wann suss what kind of fishin ule mostly be doin..Uno sea, lake, river etc, etc as the gear & tackle can differ a bit.


good luck mate & I am very suprised mike didnt take a differnet Angle to this thread.

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Thanks for the info lads, mostly it's gonna be salmon and trout, and if nothing else at least we can turn this into another punning thread.


Sorry to moan but is this reelly the plaice to be taking the p*ss about such a weighty issue, oh my cod I don't believe you lot. :P


Usual suspects one step forward.





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