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Zeds Top Fives


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Joint effort between me and T and the kids here, so here we go...............


1) Christmas tree, lights and decorations


2) People being nice to each other while out shopping.


3) My home made sherry trifle.


4) Opening pressies (that is from the kids)


5) Boxing day party at our friends.





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1. 5.00am wake up call (this is the first year Josh has been certain there's no Santa..shame).

2. The one time of year when I see both my brothers, we climb the hill where my dads ashes are and have a great time freezing our bollocks off and taking the piss out of each other :D .


3. Food. No expense spared...I love to eat well.

4. First Christmas as a grandparent (which will probably mean babysitting while the kids go on the piss, but that's OK.

5. Only a month til Jan 31st late night insanity :lol: .

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1) Works xmas party ( A free bar all night and food and I mean lobstar and crab and things like that) although they make you work the next day


2) Xmas dinner (even though I cook it)


3) Time of work


4) Presents (getting and giving)


5) Going to the pub on christmas eve with mates and family and getting pissed and also on boxing day normally at home with some friends and play games

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1. Putting up xmas decorations ALWAYS causes arguments and only increases the electric bill. (Oh no. I sound like licker!!)

2. It's too expensive. I am kind of generous when it comes to presents though I bought my mum a bike, and my stepdad a Berghaus jacket.

3. Christmas Dinner is the same as every other sunday roast! Ok so sub chicken for turkey. We may have an additional prawn cocktail. No one else ever comes so its just me and parents - same as every sunday.

4. I despise the xmas songs with the exception of the Pogues and strangely Wham! I despise Cliff Richard (although Devil Woman is decent!).



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Agree on decorations, waste of time and money :angry: . But I let them have a few.

Enjoyed Christmas dinners (roast) with my family but one of the good things about getting older and having your own family is that you create your own traditions.

Cliff Richard has no redeming qualities at all...met him several times..arrogant shit and all his music is nauseous.

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