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Where You Do Work?


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Customer services as part of an integrated business organisation at the forefront of the catologue business industry .


Or in otherwords that sh!thole known as Littlewoods ( or optimum contact solutions in its posh name ) in Crosby .


Be 10 years on 17th of Feb and i'am disgusted with myself that with my severe hatred of the job i've been there that long , looking to move to pastures new in the new year .

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Electrician - with Patrick Stevedore's - Been with them many years ..LOL...been quitting since about 1995..But am still with the cnuts.


A Global Shipping company, used to be Denholm shipping part of the Peel group when I was a green Horn apprentice pulling cables @ Heyshem, that since has been swallowed up by the giant Irish/American Patrick's corp.


Been my ticket to the world so no complaints & am now far enuff up the rung that I call me own shots...So all is good.


( just relaised the Irony of Pat wrkin for Pat corp.......... :o:blink::rolleyes: )


I only Wished I was so impressed I bought the company...!!!



P.s I will be thinking of you all @ the 1st test today ( fuk its hot) .......... :D:D:D

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