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Check out this guide on their website - http://www.quidco.com/about/


Basically, most big companies with online presence take part in what is known as Affiliate Marketing. This involves using 3rd party websites as Affiliates, essentially hosting ads for the original company or promoting it in some way.


For this, the 3rd party site receives a fee - usually per new customer signed-up, lead generated etc


What Quidco does is pull all these Affiliate links together in one place, and it passes all the Affiliate Income it receives directly on to the customer (minus a £5 annual fee)


So taking play.com as an example:


You might see a banner ad or link to play.com on some random website. You click on the link, and buy that CD you've been after. The random website will get paid for that - you get nothing


Through Quidco, the 2% they would receive gets passed onto you directly


Spend some time reading through the site and the blog, and you'll get the general idea. There's plenty of people to lend a hand on the Quidco thread - http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/...245938&page=51


It's a really simple and easy way to make a lot of money on the things you'd do anyway. Speaking for myself, I've made about £800 already this year and there's plenty of people who've made more. There's loads of sites on Quidco, so anything ou're going to buy online, check whether you can get cash back through Quidco

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obviously I havent received any money yet so I cant say its genuine (but if u say it is Louis then I believe it is) but no its not a pyramid scheme.

You basically get cash rewards for spendng money at places you would have spent it anyway.

I joined a couple of Bingo sites and had to deposit £10 and they gave me £30, and then I withdrew my £10 back again after a couple of games...

and I insured my 2 cats which I was going to anyway and direct line will give me £17.50 for it.

If you swap your home insuarance to Barclays you get £125!

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