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Bk Pledges Money To Everton


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i just hope the bloody money gets put to good use!in all honesty even if we only had about £2million to spend you could buy a decent few championship players for that, kenwrights already said that there wont be much money but there will be at least some to spend, i cant half see a load of loan deals trying to come through in january

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Pie ar5e says '' and we will find the money for him again ''


before the interview ended BK also added '' as long as he only looks at free transfers or conference players , i'am also organizing an expedition to try and find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow '' .


I wont hold my breath . :angry:

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im not sure, we sold kilbane for around 3 mil wernt it, use that sell BT and weve got enough t sign a few players, loan deals are a must in january and we need the signings early, not the last minute, although a signong on transfer deadline day at around 11pm will be nice as many of us will be on here around then :P

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Spot on craccer , without Arteta in the team we have a massive creativity problem , AVDM is not the answer cos his form goes up and down more times than a brides knickers on her wedding night . :blink:


strange one that.....why does the bride always have to keep puttin her knickers back on, can she just leave them off? she knows whats comin (no pun intended) :unsure:

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