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Barry Ferguson

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now i know mark made a topic about this beforehand, dunno what he put but just add it back if you can!basically from what a i can tell is that hes fell out with le guen and hes said pretty much that he wont be playing for rangers anymore whilst hes the manager, ive always though hes worth a punt, cant half get back and defend and hes got a hell of a shot on him, the only thing that would worry me would be his temprament and whether he'd end up in conflict with a scot like moyes, any opinions?

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Unfair that Steveo. Once he got settled for them he was turning in some good performances until his injury.



hmmm debateable


whats he going to offer us? hes too light weight for dm...as a center midfielder hell just get pushed all over the place...wotn suit our play at all imo....


and then theres this attitude...i defiantely dotn want a player in that could cause any disharmony in the dressingroom... this seasons too important.


much rather have that brown lad we're linked with and not bother with this failure

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I definitely would welcome Barry Ferguson into our club...with one concern though. We have a decent midfield at the moment, however I would be concerned if we signed BF at the expense of another midfield player, such as Arteta or Cahill, although Davis or Carsley would not be a major problem for me.

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