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I have recently redesigned and developed my clubs website. The old website used piczo, which did its job, but to be honest was crude and a little childish. It also had millions of banner type adverts which seemingly really annoyed our website visitors, who used to complain via email or in the forum suggestions thread about them! Thankfully they are a thing of the past now.


Anyway, the new website has been designed from scratch, uses a different colour scheme, uses free servers and is easily updated. It went live on 1st January.


However, I am wanting to add more features and stuff but I can not think of much more. Please take a look and give me your honest opinions and thoughts, and any suggestions about new features, alterations and stuff would be much appreciated. The board on the club want the web page to be possibly used as a 'browser homepage' of our players and other visitors, hence why we have the tv listings, radio links, horoscopes, etc.






oh, the website address CLICK HERE!!!

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cheers thanks for the comments...


I have made the changes to the bold font for the headlines...makes sense really...and I have added ToffeeTalk to the Sponsors and Associates section at the bottom right of the page.


We will be adding photographs and images to the homepage following our next fixture hopefully. ;)


More suggestions and throughts much appreciated.



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Been trying to find a name for your condition Mac...the best I can come up with is that, as Xylophobia is an irrational fear of "Wooden Objects (or Forests)", you may well be borderline Xylomanic :lol::lol: .


And I think the site's very impressive Andy, but I'd hesitate before being dragged into too much shed related material if I were you, not everyone is as liberated in that area as your average TTer.

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