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Where Have All The Footballers In


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Had my irate father on the phone yesterday ISD cost him a fortune now doubt but fuk he had a good rant.


His question to me was..Where the fuk are all the footballers from Liverpool ?


There was time wen both Us & Them were full of locally raised players whom would die 4 the shirt's.


His point then furthered to suggesting the following.



Are Kids today so nintendoised they dont play anymore ?


Has the Jnr / Schools system let them down ?


(He then went on to reel of a large list of youngsters who havent cut it in the past 10 -15 yrs)


Has Bosman fuked the game for local players ?


Have we as a whole football nation slipped behind technically ?


And on he went all the way to aprentices of the past licking senior pros boots, washing there kits & learning some humility @ a young age - yet today a kid can be on 5 grand + a week & pampered , whilst in many cases told they are better than they really are.


Something I hadnt really considered, but I think many of his points hold weight & could be in part some of the cause.


He closed by saying in his day over 100 scousers were top line pro's @ top line clubs.


Today he says he struggles to find a dozen ?


In closing he pointed out that it is also reflective via the National team & no doubt across the other larger city's of Britain.

With his final cut, he said M@ty " I tell you what, the way they are organised that lot your shacked up with over there mate will lift a world cup before we ever do again.


God NO..!!!


So where have all the footballers gone ?

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Your Dad makes some good points there M, surprisingly I have an opinion about this....... :o


Speaking as a "Dad" of two very poor footballers, I have found that when kids today play footie, they try the step-over and flicks, but not one of them can pass a ball from A to f*cking B, nor can they tackle or shoot. The essential skills which make a footballer are being squeezed out of the game at the cost of a new generation who fail to understand that without basics you can't play football.


Picasso's later stuff is f*cking rubbish, but the lad could actually draw and paint, he then developed his own style, and his own way of painting. It's all part of this generation who accept "fame without ability", the Big Brother/ X Factor/ Pop Idol generation. The logical conclussion is that we are bound to lose skills and abilities that were once valued, because no-one will put in the practice to get to where they want to be.


The quick and easy route is now accessable to a demographic group who are lazy, of low intelligence and basically expecting a free ride, why should they try hard at something which is hard, the alternative is so much easier. Let's face it, if being good at footie was easy, we would all be good.


A rant worthy of Crayola Corner I feel.





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Im way out of touch with the x.y wahtever gen's.


My early football was on the Street's, no organised clubs, specilaised coaching or facilities until like 16 or so .


Great generation's of Pro's also learnt their trade's on asphalt & cobble, could get a Tuff, competitve game on any street corner.


Does this still occur as like I say im right out of touch ?


Perhaps kids have more than we did then as footy was my everything as a kid, dawn till dusk ( then under street lights)


Thinking about it, Football or sport in general is competing with, Computers, Sat Tv, Game consoles, DVD, CD even all things that hadnt even been invented in my youth.


So we played footy & the most technical event to occur was kits going from round neck to V Neck. .

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I think the point of having so much today is valid, we had less that bugger all, but if you had a ball, everyone was a mate and a game was guaranteed, pissed fella's on the way back from the pub on a sunday after closing (remember afternoon closing lads?) would join in.


I don't know the answer M, I don't think anyone does. All we can offer is opinions.





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Can also blame some of it onto modern housing estates, I was brought up in tenement blocks which had a central square the size of a footy pitch (tho it was Tarmac). Nowadays no highrise flats and every bit of spare land is Built on, any that isnt has a sign "No Ball Games".

And all the Youth Centres, where we went for our 5 a side and Training now no longer exist. But most of all i think the kids culture now is in their bedrooms, either in front of the Tele or on their computor playing games or listening to music, they dont like going outside these days, cos everything they need is in their bedrooms.


In our day all that was in our bedrooms was a bed, and if we were lucky there might be a pot to piss in. (outside Toilets).

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I failed to mention, the whole angle was arrived @ ,as we were trying to conjure up ways of improving our side without Abramovich billions & it led to local players & the seeming demise of.


Our traditional production line.


P.s Licker, great view, I recall a tenement square we played in had a giant boulder in the middle.


We just got good enough that the boulder became part of the side.


Also on cross overs n the like, kids obv cant tackle 2 day.


Watch the ball, watch the ball, watch the ball, Ignore his legs, watch the ball, watch the ball, ignore the legs, watch the Ball, watch the ball...CRUNCH...!!!

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im only 22, but i remember playing footy in the street. we used to have a "green" at the end of our road, there would always be at least 5 a side or 3 and in. then i moved to a "modern estate" when i was 8, i used to go down to the green where i used to live, we had the side of a garage as a goal, perfect! that was until a no ball game sign went up there, right infront of the goals. didnt stop us, so they dug up the grass infront of the goals and filled it with plants and rubbish like that. so my old mates came up my end, played in my street on the road, til some old codger started moaning, this is a nice quiet estate, cant play football here! eventually i grew up, but even back then as old as 14 playing in the street, kids of all ages would join in, no days there isnt any kids playing football on our estate, and all the fields have flowers on them.


is the end neigh?

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Another reason why kids don't play football nowadays is that they are trying to grow up too fast.


When I was young the only thing you thought about was football, we played every minute after school. Even on the bowling green at night (there was a motorway liight next to it which was perfect) but we also played in a street next to ours, we used cars and a curb as posts. The cars would get smacked but you never heard one of the people moan, often one of the young dads wanted his little kid to play with us. We always agreed (and in fact last I heard he was at Macclesfield, good little defender for his size and age) but the only time we didn't play was when we had a 'tea' break.


The street corners we used to play on, even the park which we still play on everynow and then are not full of teenagers playing football but a drinking and smoking culture have ruined many of them. We weren't that interested in girls until around 16 now they are interested in them at 12, nowadays kids of 15/16 go out to clubs, at that age we never, we'd play football all friday night.


Also, I noticed this at university. Don't want to blow my own trumphant but as a big group of lads which played footy whenever and wherever (led to good arguements as some played for rival teams on Sunday) we all turned out pretty good. In fact there was only one who was crap, but when I was at uni the football team were crap, few good players so it was obvious that what we when younger thought was the norm and everyone was playing footy 24/7 like us. They weren't, because they had no where to play or there wasn't enough of them. Just goes to show how lucky I was and some of you lot too.

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i envey the people who could play football all the time when they where younger, id of loved to do that but due to the council putting up no ball games and the park full of chavs and smack heads who start on you for know reason i couldnt really play, loved it when i did like, so count yourselves lucky to those who could play.

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I think the arguement of kids not playing football is rubbish to be fair (just an opinion :D)


From the ages of 5 til present day there hasnt been a week gone by when me and me mates have had a game, in fact when in school we played everyday for 4 years on the field near mine after school!


I think there is still alot of enthuasism and lads wanting to play football, and there are some superb players out there. I still see alot of lads playing...as for the no ball signs, none by mine but it would have never stopped me :D

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There definately is not as many young players coming through as there once was.


Even at my level of club management, we struggle for new young players, especially goal keepers. I can only surmise that the secondary education system, which appears to be more academic based now-a-days, is letting our potential young talent down, sadly.



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Clubs cant be bothered pursuing with young talent as much, why bother nurchering a player for 10+ years when you can pick up a young foreinger for buttons :(


I think more needs to be done at the academies but I still think there still is a great interest in football.

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