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Lime Wire


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anybody on here use lime wire?


im havin a nasty problem with it

basically, it opens on start up (ive got that turned off in all possible places)

and then tries to open itself every 10mins or so, even if it is already open. even if i shut it down it opens again right after. and when i uninstall it it opens anyway. ive had to delete the file (only in safe mode as it wont do it any other way)


its annoyin me real bad!

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its not a start up problem exactly, its not set as start up in any location.

its just constantly trying to open itself, even when it is already running! not just start up. about once every 5-10mins the programme will boot up. even if its running already, so i end up with limewire running the same programe more than once,at the same time

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limewire is a p2p netwrok program?


a lot of the uber geeks i occasionally converse with swear by






bit torrent (azureus)


there are plenty of forums, and people happy to help you out 'so i hear' :D


but im sure the mods and admin on this forum do not condone software piracy, the advertising of programs used to share pirated software, media and music


and do not condone any warez reccomendations.


(disclaimer, im not doing your job, im just highlighting what i do elsewhere )

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