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Music Quiz


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heres a few, we will do it together :(


1. gorillaz

2. the eagles

3. siscor sisters

4. smashin pumpkins

5. the pixies

6. the zombies

7. radio head

8. beach boys

9. u2

10. guns n roses

11. 50 cent


thats all i can see at the min, i hope that helps :lol:


ill try and get more soon :lol: thats all i can see first glance

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1. gorillaz

2. the eagles

3. siscor sisters

4. smashin pumpkins

5. the pixies

6. the zombies

7. radio head

8. beach boys

9. u2.................Could 9 also be Foo fighters?..depends on which wif Virgin?

10. guns n roses

11. 50 cent

12. blur (didnt see that bloke on the right)

13. the police

14. queens of the stone age

15. crowded house

16. sex pistols

17. jet

18.Led Zepllin


20.Black flag..Go henry!!!

21.Matchbox 20


23.Rolling stones

24.Blues bros


26.Alice in chains

27.Black crowes

28.Presidents of USA

29.Deep purple

30. Bee Gees

31.The church

32.Janes addiction

33.Red Hiot Chilli P's

34.John cougar mellancamp

35.David Bowie

36.spice Guirls

37.Iggy pop

38.Robbie williams

39.fat Boy slim




Might not be right ...will have anothe rplahy later v@ woork.

Edited by PatV
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the thumbnail wont load up for me whats going on

Pm me your email addy and i'll send it across for you if you want mate


Right heres some of the correct answers that you have so far from what you have posted above. The rest of what you have posted are WRONG !!!!


Remember there are 72 in all !!


Innnnn one * meant to be bully :D


The rolling stones

The eagles

Smashing pumpkins

The gorillas

Scissor sisters


White Snake

Matchbox 20


50 cent



The Cars



The Beach Boys

Dead Presidents

Alice in chains


White Zombie

Led Zeppelin

The Sex Pistols

Deep Purple

Crowded House


Guns and roses

The Pixies

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doing well by the looks of it, got all the ones I got straight away, only got dubious, possible additions:


The Godfathers?

King (Kong)?


Dead Kennedys

Various Vegetables (did a gig with them years ago, but can't see them being famous enough for this)

Blind Melon


Eminem (sweets on the floor)

Boomtown Rat(s)



Da Roots (from the grid)

(The Vines ("))

The Grid

The Alarm

The Shadows

Athlete (the gymnasts)




actually, I think there's a few decent suggestions in there, but some very tenuous ones as well.

Will have to check back tomorrow, was going to bed, and shouldn't have looked at this...........

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Gota get one over some were sometime zed. seems thats whats it come 2 these days..LOL.


Funny how we each differnetly interpreted the pic.


"Black Flag" One some hadntn herd of stuck out like a sore thumb Pat's end, been about since the late seventies..Licker...a Lil one could say... alternate to the mainstream of the time though.


And on the 6th day God ( arguably not god) gave us "Henry Rollins" ( Black flag, rollins Band, Henry rollins spoken word etc)




Jeez cant wait 4 the daughter to bring home the Henry bf type..!!!...


Gota love the Ole Henry but.....................Ever since he prophersised...That the worst thing about Ireland is Fuking U2...hes been onside wif Pat.... :lol::blink::rolleyes:;):unsure::D

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