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Did you know that the most common cause of homophobia is that the person is insecure about their own sexuality. Hate it nice and loud and you subconsciously distance yourself from it...people who are comfortable with their own sexuality have no need to hate or fear anybody elses. Not talking about anyone in particular obviously, just making a point :P .

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im very confortable with my sexuality...any1 that wears pink, straightens there hair and puts kisses on text messages to blokes and open embraces his mates coming from where im from has to be lol.


i just found it needless... gays themselves dont bother me, but wen its like advertised and stuff... i dont see the need in the lad being gay it could just be a normal straight person and although its meant to be funny (quite how i have no idea, i dont recall any bit of it even making mesmile) its just needless, and isnt necessary


if you want an anti aids advert ... have a bloke shaggin a monkey.... that to me would be funnier

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