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Moyes Decision


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David Moyes has taken responsibility for the goal that presented Reading with the lead at Goodison on Sunday.


The Royals netted in the 27th minute courtesy of a Joleon Lescott own goal. The summer signing from Wolves was unlucky when a Stephen Hunt header was blocked by Tim Howard only to ricochet into the net off his heel.


The Everton boss has conceded the reason Reading were able to push onto the keeper for the free-kick from the edge of the box was a decision to try and get players on the line to block efforts on goal from direct free-kicks.


Joseph Yobo's move back to cover the post allowed Reading to push on and crowd Howard. However, TV replays revealed Hunt was offside when Steve Sidwell played the free-kick and the goal should not have been allowed to stand.


Moyes said: "I'll take the responsibility for the goal. We had worked in training this week at filling the line in different ways at different times, and we chose the wrong time to do it in.


"It wasn't done well, but the goal was offside. When the free-kick is struck, Hunt is behind the defender and offside. The linesman is bang on line and looking at it, but he doesn't see it. It was poor defending, but we weren't helped by the official."




i don't know what to believe, was it really moyes decision or is he covering for howard after realising he was wrong. afterall he had 'slammed' our defending following the game, and why if he's the reason for that, that was the only defensive error we really made

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Fair arguments, however the simplicity of it is had the C/Halves taken 2 steps forward, held their line in view of man marking then all the Reading players would have been offside, Howard would not have been impeeded & the 6 yrd box cleared.


Organisation was lacking, so is prob fair for DM to take the wrap if itw as indeed 1 of his plays.


Personally, even executed correctly, it's not my kind of play.


Another argument could be why attempt this play ? Manager not trust his keper on long shots ?


1 lesson learnt, is that oour 2 young C/halves are talented & have been gaining the consistentcy required, though there is still some organisation needed in their games.


Doesnt help if or when the manager is enforcing woopy lil ploy's & plays in to the meld.



P.s Wouldnt have happend with Nigel Martyn...You there, Oye fukin You There, You here pal. oragnised..!!!

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