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Hi All I Am Back


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i have not been able to post in ages and for ages i couldnt even get on to this site due to spyware problems with my piece of shit pc however all being well problems solved now wow lots have happen on here since my last post firstly to zed mate we didnt always see eye to eye but damn come back the place isnt the same without you mark i see you still are the king of posts goldfish and claire what to say nope think i best steer clear of that one and willo whats happend mate have u lost your crayon i dont see much of you in crayola corner dont tell me you have gone tea total these days licker as always u still have great taste in girls i suddenly have the urge to get my car washed and last but not least mac hope all is ok mate well its good to be back and i hope to be posting all the time now providing my pc lets me

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