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Ricky "the Hitman" Hatton

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anyone going to be watching? im still not sure, for £15 i dno, is there other fights on aswell?


thing that had me think is that why did he only fly out today? doesnt he need time to adjust the time and tempreture change? bit of a strange decsion there by hatton but i hope he wins!!!

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Saw 1 of Hat's future Opp's on Tv other week. "Love More Noudou" ( Nigerian based in sydney) or sumfin ( I cant help humming love me do LOL ).


Looked pretty sharp for an old man. ( 30 odd)


Mandatory fight or something coming up the comm's were saying.

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Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. look set to go toe-to-toe in one of boxing's most eagerly anticipated bouts later this year, according to 'The Hitman's' father.

The bullish Briton extended his perfect record to 43 wins, with a knockout victory over Mexican Jose Luis Castillo earlier this year.


Mayweather, who has meanwhile been dubbed the world's greatest pound-for pound fighter, beat 'The Golden Boy' Oscar de la Hoya last time out.


No date or venue has yet been agreed between the parties, but Ray Hatton insists a deal has been struck 'in principle' for his son to face the 'Pretty Boy'.


"We have agreed a deal in principle. The date and venue is up in the air but we agreed via our lawyers what the financial side of it was going to be," Hatton said.


"I can't honestly tell you a deal has been done until I see the signatures on all the documents. But what I can tell you is that both sides were happy with what we finalised verbally."


aslong as its nothing to do with everton this deal should go through :P

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LoL , i like to what weight they goin to fight at ??


Mayweather handed back the WBC light-middleweight belt after beating De la Hoya, but he still possesses the Ring Magazine's belt at 147lbs.


Hatton holds the Ring Magazine's belt at 140lbs, but is likely to have to step up to the higher weight.


Despite the added risks involved in moving up the weights, Hatton senior insists it is a dream come true for his son.

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