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Goodison For Ever-ton


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read this in a few places, getting a little confusing, but very interesting?






Source: Blue Kipper



Goodison For-Everton Group


The Goodison For-Everton Group met with Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool City Council, on Friday 5 January 2007. The purpose of the meeting was to establish what help has already been provided by Liverpool City Council and Warren Bradley, to ensure Everton Football Club's stadium remains inside the boundary of the City of Liverpool. Additionally, the Goodison For-Everton Group also tried to establish what future help to

Everton Football Club (for the same purpose) might be available from Liverpool City Council.


Following the meeting, the Goodison For-Everton Group can confirm;


- Over the last 6 months, Liverpool City Council have discussed 2 specific sites (one in the North of the City, one in the South of the City) as potential stadium venues with Everton Football Club. Liverpool City Council have additionally contributed to feasibility studies for each site, which have been provided to Everton Football Club.


- Liverpool City Council have confirmed that within the last 18 months, Everton Football Club have not submitted any plan, nor discussed any possibility of re-developing the Goodison Park site with Liverpool City Council. Furthermore, Liverpool City Council do not rule out the possibility of Everton Football Club being able to secure planning permission (including possible expansion of the current footprint) for a re-developed Goodison Park.


Goodison for-Everton understands that dialogue is planned in January 2007, between Warren Bradley and other members of Liverpool City Council and senior representatives of Everton Football Club. We urge both sides to use these discussions to fully explore every possibility of redeveloping Goodison Park and failing that providing a stadium site for Everton Football Club within the boundary of the City of Liverpool." (18/01/07)

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Spoke with my brother about this as he works for teh council and he says that they have offered Everton 4 sites, Everto have not looked at any sites. The reason why Liverpool council will not openly state the area's is due to them not owning 2 of them, so if needed they will make a compulsary purchase order in to the landlords and buy the land. However if the landlords know it is to build EFC staduim they will inflate the prices, That is why Liverpool Council have not advised what sites they have offered. I think 1 is in speak and the other is kings dock cant remember the other 2 tho sorry.

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Who deos this Goodison for Everton group actually represent ?


As the common feel around the EFC traps seems to be a unaminous not if but when.


My concern is that this group seem to have some momntum, the press seemed to have jumped on with them as well.


As concerned as I am re: being shafted by the club I am as much concerned as to who these people are & how they have the assumption they represent the masses ?


Same when it all came to air, BBc/sky/ sev papers etc were reporting that Evertonians were blowing up, angry & the likes over the proposal.


We & many other message boards saw some but very little of that.


Im affraid we may be misrepresented, well I am personally - Goodison pipe dreams are a romantic notion - But we all no the realities.


Not trying to push my personal ponit of view, just airing concerns that perhaps a minority group whom they & the media assume represent us all could end up throwing spanners in the works.


Transparancy is needed all round.

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we definitely need to move awat in my opinion. There is very little space for redevelopment at the existing site, plus after a sell out game, it takes a good while to get away as there are no straight and easy routes away, other than the East Lancashire Road which is usually restricted with some sort of roadworks which are on going.


Its all well and good the council making statements that they have made proposals for sites, but when, in the past, Everton as a club have proposed a move, it is knocked back by them, such as the Kings Dock. It should also be born in mind that the council do make promises which they seemingly can only promise to break, such as the 4th Grace at the Pier Head, The Mersey Barrier, The Tram Network, etc,etc,etc and the list could go on. The council seems brilliant at saying "we would have" retrospectively.


Also, Old Trafford is not within the confines of the City of Manchester, despite the name of Manchester United. I do not see how it matters to be honest.



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