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Everton Wigan Sky1?


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Just posting this here because no one might see it in the Everton Wigan thread. I just looked on the Sky sports website and it says in the preview of tomorrows game that Everton Wigan is on Sky1 but in the Prem plus section it still has this data as a prem plus game. I was just wondering if anyone has seen any adverts on sky about which channel this is on, I can get to a mates house to watch the game but they don't have prem plus and it is a bit of a way so I don't wanna get down there only to find that the game isn't on.

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Fox Sports (3) live for the Deep southerners.


11.25 pm -> QLD & -> 12.25 am for (south) eastern sea board viewers .


Feurk nose the times for West Oz, sth Oz etc - whode bloody no what the time zone is in those far off lands..LOL


Australia - Perfect one day -> 15,000 Diff Time Zones the next :rolleyes:

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