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Sky Vs Virgin Media


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Virgin recently started virgin media service - the biggest threat to sky so far.. on sky one they are showing the following advert as virgin media has plans to scrap sky one from their schedules. The advert is sky begging viewers to ask virgin to keep some sky channels



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just posted this somewhere else,


but basically its both virgin and sky at fault, neither could negotaite a new contract:-



"i watched the news about this earlier and it said that sky one will now loose 3million viewrs becasue of its failure to renogatiate a deal with virgin.

In your virgin contract it says you are entitled to compensation if their is a major change in the service it offers. If they have taken away one of the major channels then it means they are in breach of their own contract. get in touch with them and you can get money back


sorry, i dont have an email address for that. it was on the bbc news this afternoon though so watch it tonight and it should give you the address again. "




sorry to double post but i didnt see this thread before

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Sky are c*nts + Virgin are pricks = Some kind of hybrid media monster, this is a publicity stunt, I feel a deal has been done and all that remains is the PR to seal the deal. I sense a grassy knoll somewhere.





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