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Arteta Staying


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Same with everything though Mike, hes probably not going but, if you believe the runour section we are signing 40 players in the summer


Ive heard players make that statement before and go and ive heard them make it and stay.


The journos have got to write about something to justify they over infated salaries

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Point taken Zed (which is why I have to be very bored to bother with the "rumours" section) but I'm with Mark...this is more than journo talk surely?


“I am fed up with it all. They are taking my words and putting them into whatever context they want to. It’s getting on my nerves.


“I keep saying that I am really happy here and that is true. I think that the club wants to do something in the summer and we will see what happens. But if they want me to stay for a long time and are happy with me, I will be happy to do that.


“I am committed to this club, I feel really happy here and I feel that I am an important part of the team. I like all the people at the club, I am made to feel welcome by people in the city and there is no reason why I should leave.



“Every time I am asked the question (by someone in Spain) it ends up coming out that I want to go home but that is not the case. It would be a lack of respect if I spoke about other clubs and I wouldn’t do that anyway. All I can say is that I am really happy here.”


Doesn't need to say that but the fact that he still felt the need says a lot for me.

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Who writes this bollocks...


EVERTON face a struggle to keep Mikel Arteta - with Real Zaragoza the latest La Liga side to line up an offer.


Fellow Spanish sides Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad are also in the running for the midfielder, 25.


But Zaragoza look favourites with a bid of £8million plus the incentive of Champions League football.




...has someone at the Daily Mirror got access to every boardroom in Spain? Course not...it makes me so fucking angry that these arseholes invent and stoke up rumour constantly. They have no more idea than you or me...parasitical low-lifes the lot of them, put them up against a wall and shoot them, that's what I say!


Then I could have their job...get paid a mint to watch footie and invent a few stories, nice work if you can get it :huh: .

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When no-one would have the greasy bastard, we took a chance. If his agent wants to play silly buggers I would like to remind him, how many appearences has he made for his country?.


He is loved and welcome at Goodison, If he feels the need to go, fine. Retain his registration and play him in the reserves.





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