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1933 F.a. Cup Final Programme?


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my dad has a programme from the 1933 f.a. cup final (everton beat man.city 3-0) good condition.

it was also the first game where numbers were used, dixie dean being the first ever number 9, its also signed by dixie.

does anyone know if this is worth anything, if so do they have a ball-park figure?

cheers, danny.

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F.A cup final

1933 we won 3 - 0 against man city and dixie scored


signed by the late great Dixie Dean


first eva time players wore number shits


a wild stab at £200 - 300


if you found a collector

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I think Licker was there wasn't he :D


Took three of his grandchildren I believe :D .


On a serious note I can find a 1935 cup final prog for sale at £600 and a 1939 for £500 and they're not signed. Would suggest you have a pretty valuable prog on your hands and I'd investigate if I were you. Don't say where you are but If you're in the north-west there's a programme fair on..


Monday May 28th Greater Manchester Programme Fair, Cresta Court Hotel, Church St, Altrincham, Cheshire 11am - 3pm.


Good luck!


Or if you just want to get shot I'll give you a tenner for it :D !

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