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Juan Roman Riquelme To The Shite

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According to the BBC website, Everton could pay upto £8m for the attacking midfielder.


Riquelme was a key player in the side that defeated Everton during their Champions League qualifier.


The Argentine International currrently plays for Villarreal but after a fall out with their director and his mother falling ill he moved back to Boca Juniours where he played for seven seasons previously, on a new five month loan deal.


International team mates such as Heinze, Tevez and Maschareno have apparently recommended Everton to Riquelme who wants to play in the Premier League.


Taken from football-forever


Tried looking for this on the BBC site as said above but cant find it. Still might only be rumour but just posting this for your information

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I'd like Riquelme here not at the shite, left footed isnt he.. and he him and fernandes signs look at this for a midfield...




pretty goo if you ask me


i like the imagination, but we'd get run over defensively!

no way moyes would go for him and manny, but id blow my load if we got riquelme

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Riquelme was one of the first players I stuck into my Fantasy Yahoo.com World Cup side last year, so I agree, he'd be a GREAT addition to our side.


I see trouble with this on several fronts (not to pour cold water into a hot bath that's just the right temperature):


- He's from South America...chances are he'd take 2 thirds of the season acclimatising, like Tevez did, then only produce in the final 6 games


- At this stage of his career, his reputation is excellent, and he'd opt for a CL side where he can earn good wages and good bonuses. Let's face it, with a wage cap at Everton of half a tin of peaches and some low quality whipped cream, he'll look elsewhere as soon as the better offers come in


- As some reports are suggesting, he may have been SO impressed by the Everton fans when we played Villareal, but he'll have looked out for us last season and thought, "hey they're not in Europe at all, oh wait the Red sh:te were in the final...and I prefer the colour Red anyway", and we'd have another Homo Sissoko on our hands.


- What REALLY SCARES me is that we DO need a left winger, and we'll lose out on Riquelme (IF we are even looking at him) and buy Bolo Zenden instead. I've literally been kept up at nights because of THAT rumour let me tell you

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