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The 5 Year Plan.

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What would I like to see in five years time!


To start with I wont be heartbroken if were still at Goodison...though the right move

whatever that is would be ok!


I'd like to see Kenwright and Moyes still in control....not owned by a Russian,American

or such like!and to see the teams that were bought falling away awash with debt.


We would be in contention for the champions league,and never out of europe.We will

be one of the very few clubs still bringing local young players into the first team.


We will be unique in being a club that retained it's soul,good honest players will want

to play for Everton.


Steven Gerrard who still(in five years time) will not have won a championship medal

will declear that he wants to end his career at such a club(his boyhood team)........

.............EVERTON will tell him to fuc% off!!


We may not win many trophies(couple would be nice)....But that wont matter

to me!...........They haven't won many lately,and I'm still here.

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1. DM still in charge

2. New stadium on/near existing Goodison area but just called 'Goodison'.

3. Vaughan & possibly anichebe on long-term deals and regular internationals. Same may also go for others eg Baxter (???)

4. No debt!

5. A decent sponsor - a global brand not some pissy beer company.

6. Regarded once again as a big club by others.

7. Regular european games either uefa or cl!

8. At least 2 trophies between now and then.



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