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Old Firm In Europe.

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Fantastic results. To go to Lyon and win 3-0 would be an achievement for any football club, and then the Tims (spit) beat the European Champions, although i dislike them, a great result. I love when English football supporters rip the Scottish sides, when they dont have a clue, we struggle againts total paupers :D

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What do you think will happen to the bhoys after that fan hit Dida?


Didn't hit him...he tapped him on what looked like his shoulder/neck while doing a little drunken celebration dance...Dida went to run after him then decided he should go down to see what he could get out of it...went off on a stretcher clutching an ice pack. Cheating twit in my opinion who should be ashamed of himself....pathetic. Having said that Celtic will get fined for a fan getting on the pitch, but it should be nothing worse if there's any justice.

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Dida has made the situation look like a joke, but its serious, the fanny. Celtic or Celtc as they are now known have a bit of previous, and there fans are constantly on UEFA's backs over Rangers sectarian chanting (the irony), yet they tend to forget or dismiss there mishaps (remind you of anyone?). I hope they get points deducted, but thats a biased opinion. They should be punished, closed doors for one game should be enough.

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Hi everybody. i'm Massimiliano and i'm from Pavia, a town near Milan.


I'm 18, and i'm a fan of Everton and also an A.C. Milan fan.


I went to liverpool once, this summer, and obviously i watched an Everton match ! ( Everton - Wigan ) Was really a special day for me !


Talking about Celitc - Milan,

that fan didn't really hit dida...just tuched him without violence...

and I have to admit that Dida looked ridicolous...and i think that also the staff of Milan think the same, because Galliani ( i'm not sure you know him ) told in an interview that they won't do any claim ( don't know if is the correct word :) )

However, that fan shouldn't be in the field.

I think that Celtic will have closed door for one match, but nothing else.

A.C. Milan is in a bad period...we always draw in the serie A and now we lose against Celtic...not really what the fan expect from the last champions of Europe...the summer signing were not so good, the only decent was Pato, but he'll play only from january...


I hope we sign in the future a decent keeper, because dida in the last period is not good and what he had done against celtic was really ridicoulus !


i go to bed now because it's really late haha


Come on Toffees !

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A nice truthfull view on the Fiasco from the Milan fan, i'm also of the opinion that Celtic will be punished because of that Fan getting onto the pitch, Next home game behind closed doors should be enough.

And FIFA should charge the Goalkeeper for bringing the game into disrepute, a 3 match Ban.


PS .... Well done Celtic and Rangers, done Scottish football proud.

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Hello Massi.


The Milan team have been left to age far too long. All the top European teams around them have built good young squads, even your arch enemies are in the market (Inter). I think Milan will need to go through major transistional periods, and look to build a new team. Seedorf, Maldini, Inzhagi have had there day, its time to move on. Expect big spending their, you'll be flying again.

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