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Kroldrup Transfered To Fiorentina.


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Thanks for the info any chance you can translate what it says on the website.


Or if not how much they paying for him and why he has left.


haha well i've run it through an online translation service and it came back with this


"Here the words of Spalletti, technician of the Rome, on Koldrup player whom it has trained for various seasons to Udine: "a great player - Spalletti to fiorentina.it says - one splendid person. An exceptional player. He centers them defensive, physically put very well, a lot I toast. And of one stratospheric semplicità. They are content for he of this arrival to Florence, is a boy who deserves one great public square "

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what a bloody waste of time that was then we seemed never to have given him a chance but I guess we will never know the full story but said it before and I'll say it again despite all the naff players we have had I have to say Kroldrup must be our worst signing ever.

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agreed - and it's a shame, cos the little bits i saw of last night's game he looked a good player - suppose we'll never know....


we are f*cked.....we need to buy players urgently


He was excellent last night both in defence and in the air while up for corners & free kicks! Why he has not been given a chance i will neva know but after watching last night i cant fault the lad!


Stupid business by the blues again :angry:

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Jesus - he played well last night as well - so he must be going!


We already have a samll squad with a load of injuries - what is he doign even considering selling another player?


Still--- man of the match for me was Osman - absolutely top quailty his skill and touch was better than anyone elses on the pich - Cahill was everywhere and didn't let up at all - great performance all round really - just wish that we could finish a bit better or more clinically!



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Guest fozzie22
So everyone is saying that he has gone however all Everton come out and say is that they confirm they have received an offer.


Once again we are left wondering....... WHAT THE F@CK IS GOING ON

Typical gross mis-management of Everton..by the manager,board and the tealady.


Sack the lot of em.

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if he's leaving i can only pressume it's because he's not enjoying living in England.


while he hasn't played he has had a lot of injuries and should now get a chance to prove himself with joey away and weir possibly injured from last night.


After all the hope and expectations we had for him at the start of the season i'd be really dissapointed if he didn't try to prove himself till the end of the season.


the offical site has confirmed interest and talks now.

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