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Although I rate him and would love to see him in an England shirt the problem you have with him is going forward and crossing the ball.


However said that he has been getting better at linking up the midfield and getting crosses in but think that the world cup will be to early.


Also 2 other things stop him from going


1) Neville will be picked to play right back if injured it will be Young.

2) and most important. He plays for Everton

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Just want to sing this lifelong evertonians form of late. after a shaky start i think he is proving to be the best right back in the country,english anyway. surely he has got to go the worldcup. he's far better than young. what you guys think?


Tony's doing well at the mo' but i think we Evertonians are being a bit blinded by our love for the tough tackle. As far as i can see Tony falls apart when he passes the half way line and 70% of his tackles are made after he has either lost the ball or been skinned by someone.


Having said that he played Henry out of the game on Saturday so if England want a fu*king pit bull to patrole the right hand side of defence Tony could be the man. My thoughts are that they want a fancy, dancy right back who can cross the ball as well as Beckham that puts Mr Hibbert on a beach with his bird during the world cup unfortunatly.

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