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Chelski Losses

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Just seen on the bbc that chelski have recorded 120mil losses, It is worrying for te rest of football when they can do this and not care in th eslightest. If they carry on as they are they will continue to buy up good young english players and then ruin them as in Johnson, swp, parker etc


Situation is a joke i know there was talk of a wage cap on the site a little while ago but with chelski running up that kind of debt in a year maybe it is time to bring it in other wise the only thing that is going to happen is the gap will just get bigger and bigger.

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Dont think the wage cap would work, but would like to see the wages v turnover senario or something based on financials. Its ciminal and football clubs should be just as accountable as any other business as thats what they are "nowerdays"



How the fook can they be allowed to be 120 mil in the red. If roman gets bored they are really up shit creek big time. I hope their bubble bursts

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Guest fozzie22

it was £140 million they lost wasnt it??


i wonder if BK is involved somewhere :)




The numbers involved are frightning :o:o

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