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    everton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />All my guitars<br />red hot chilli's (mainly for John Frusciante)<br />golf <br />JD and coke<br />my local footie team<br />my mates<br />xbox 360<br />pc (itunes for ipod, <br />footie manager, msn <br />and the one and only toffee talk)
  1. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Man of the Match at Burnley

    Has to be eto... But massive mention to baines who is playing like a beast week in week out currently!
  2. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z


    Yes get in Rom lad! Made up for the lad! He looked gutted about that mistake before. Dont take any notice of the haters i know you will come good!
  3. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z


    Well done roberto!! Few options off the bench too
  4. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z


    Cant wait to see these bloody floodlights that they keep buzzing off!! Football wise i am hoping he go's full strength tonight and then mixes up the team for the palace game depending on who took knocks and who is most tired and do it that way. I much prefere this system. I can see this one being a score draw
  5. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Stadium thread: Reprise edition

    So the news is that... Bill kenwright drives past walton park sometimes and thinks it would be good if we built a stadium there... Yes that would be good Full story below http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/everton-plan-build-new-stadium-7776712
  6. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    James McCarthy

    Hope he signs just so there are no players left for the papers to create speculation about. Muppets!!
  7. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Injuries update

    If kone manages to get himself fit and scoring goals and playing well again.... And then trots off to the african cup of nations i think my head may accccctually fall off
  8. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Samuel Eto'o

    Roberto said if he doesnt make quite make west brom he will defo be defo be ready for wolfdberg So he will be back in about 6 weeks haha
  9. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Stadium thread: Reprise edition

    After a great pre season off the pitch this would be the icing on the cake!! Hope its true
  10. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    WBA (A)

    Can someone confirm for me please guys? We have never lost back to back games under martinez.. In competative competition that is
  11. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    Man of the Match at West Brom

    Gaz baz!! He cleans up when he wants
  12. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    WBA (A)

    Hence the (ish) mate haha Our main problem is the causing problems for ourselves at the back its silly.
  13. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    WBA (A)

    Performance wise we can grow on this. Today was about 3 points and sorted out the defence out (ish)
  14. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    WBA (A)

    Barry was an absolute beast!! Man of the match for me easily
  15. J*A*C*K*E*L*Z

    WBA (A)