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  1. Haven’t we spoke about this on one of the threads before? I remember reading it somewhere as well. Thought it was on TT as I don’t use any other forums. Was it around the time that Dunc was in charge for a few matches?
  2. The Usmanov part is just me guessing to be fair. But surely something has already been set up.
  3. Everton ending relationship with Sportspesa at the end of the season!!!! Is this making room for new sponsorship from a certain Usmanov? It’s good to happen isn’t it.
  4. That the closed door match? Would be great to be able to read a report on that.
  5. Wasn’t meant like that Haf. Just there seem to be quite a few on here that, proving you wrong means a great deal to. Seems very personal.
  6. We should have a card system 😉 Yellow cards are warnings and red is a suspension haha. They can appeal, but may receive an extra few days ban. Wonder how many I would have had by now?
  7. It does seem like Haf has done something in real life to a lot of people on here haha.
  8. Damn I’m not trying hard enough. Who’s your favourite Everton player at the moment Palfy?
  9. It’s all a bit personal really looking in. Few fishermen trying to real the same person in. Wish we could all just drop the agenda’s and get back to discussing football to be honest. Unless it’s my personal Vendetta to discredit Palfy, but that’s different, I’m in the right.
  10. It is mate. But I’m not well off and it takes a lot to watch a match for me. It gets so frustrating when players don’t put the same effort in as I, and thousands more put in. For that, I reserve the right to criticise haha.
  11. PeteO, not sure who the boo boys your referring to are mate. But just wanted to put that I put what I see with my own eyes. I may misjudge sometimes, or miss things. But they are my honest opinions and it based on anyone else opinions. As you yourself do. People may not agree with you, but you stand your ground and explain with detail (so much detail 😉), and I applaud you for that. your still wrong though 😉
  12. You’ve not been in the following threads then haha: Sidibe, Gylfi, Walcott, Richarlison, Keane, and I’m sure there’s more I criticise. Don’t get me wrong, I also praise when I think they do well. Bur I don't think any player should be exempt from criticism. I pay a massive amount of money out of what I have available to go and watch them.
  13. I would have asked for Messi, Ronaldo and De Bruyne myself.
  14. You just have to look mate. I criticise any player who I think isn’t performing. But you will notice a trend, I respond to threads, rather than make points... unless I feel someone particularly deserved it. I don’t feel I need to justify my fair criticism of a player by doing the same for every other player. That’s just plain Palfy... or weird as most would call it. 😉
  15. Ye but we’re in the Pickford thread mate. And just because I have a cluster headache, it doesn’t make my missus average headache hurt any less.
  16. I know this has turned into a bit of an argument against the posters rather than the opinions, but I’m surprised that many aren’t agreeing that Pickford is underperforming compared to last year? To me, it’s blatantly obvious that his performances have dropped. His kicking is erratic. Every match he is apologising to team mates for kicking the ball straight out of play. His saves are a mixture of great and abysmal. His command of his area is non existent. It’s his weakest area. I don’t think for one second we should sell him, as I think he can hit previous levels again. I think he could improve on last year if he gets his head down. But, he isn’t the same keeper as last year at the moment.
  17. I just want to finish as high as we possibly can.
  18. No, most of those are attacking players. Sam wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them, and they would leave.
  19. This is why top European teams and banging the door down for him to be fair. They can all see that he is on a par with Ancelotti. This is why his record was so much better than Unsworths! Now where is my other sock?
  20. Ahh Gana begins to make sense now 😉, you were watching Niasse all this time.
  21. Staying out of this mainly. But thought I would just add a little perspective. Jordan is another player with potential for us. He has the potential to be an excellent keeper. Bit this year his standard has dropped alarmingly. He is making a lot mod mistakes and seems scared to come and collect balls, which many were criticising him for last season. I would say he is just about keeping the England's No1 title for now, but only just. At his current state, Howard was a better keeper.
  22. Haha I did rate him when he first came. I thought he was strong and fast. I was right about him being strong. My biggest gripe with him is that we seem to judge him on his attacking rather than his job. He isn’t too bad attacking wise... though would you choose him ahead of a regular winger/right sided attacker? Defending wise, he is pretty Cuco.
  23. I was thinking the same. I sat behind a post before he came, once he came on I struggled to see much as he was always rooted in my way. If he is with us when we move to the new stadium, they will have to sell obstructed view tickets.
  24. Honestly though he was having a great game even before his goal. Was attacking, helping out in defence and running himself to the point that he was on his knees.
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