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The young Blues striker, who has suffered wretched luck since bursting onto the Premier League scene as a 16-year old, hurt his knee during a session at Finch Farm and it is not yet known how long he’ll be out of action. Fortunately it is not the troublesome left knee that has caused the player so many problems already during his fledgling career.


I think that that bit is important. I think that he should make a full recovery if it ain't that other knee playing up again. He's been having some bad luck whilst in the Everton team and I think that it's not long before that faulty knee will play up again and were forced to let him go. It's a real shame because he has bucket-fulls of talent. I'm just so dissapointed that he's not been able to show it.


Wish him a speedy-recovery. :)

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We should be looking to Baxter against Spurs now. When he came on against Blackburn he changed the whole atmousphere of the game. He made us look threatening again in attack with his flair and motivation. The whole team started to play better and he latched onto a cross which he put agonisingly close over the bar.


He would be a real good person to have in the team. I have said for a long time now that throughout this crisis we should look to the bench/acadamy. Kissock looks sharp so why coulden't we drop Arteta for a game and put him in? Or drop Yakubu and put Baxter in? Now Saha and Vaughan are out he surely has to put Baxter in the team at least. I just don't hope he goes and plays 4-5-1 with Yakubu up front on his bill.

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