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Clarence Dock Stadium Plan

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You keep refering to the Stadium as a 'concrete lump' yet if it was built on Walton Hall Park it suddenly becomes a 'Superb Stadium'


Why is it that it is superb on a park and a lump on a derelict site that you want to protect?


I don't understand your logic there.


I would be happy with a ground on WHP myself, but what makes the stadium change from a concrete lump to something superb simply by it's location.

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ive been to lots of places around the world, spoken to africans in marakesh, jo'burg and durban, americans from jacksonville, new york and new orleans, europeans from all over france holland germany spain belgium albania poland and italy. even the far east. i promise you, no body has ever mentioned to me about the world heritage site. two things come up time and time again, the beatles and football (liverpool fc i admit) but never ever the world heritage site. the beatles and football have done so much more for this city around the world than the UN!

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