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David Nugent! Maybe On His Way.


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So thats Nugent and Deffoe up fron then :blink:


BK's Platinum visa will be maxed out, there'll be no more ale throwin in the gwladys as the price of beer is about to go up to 12 quid a pint and £4 for a scouse pie, although ist not far off that now

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Guest fozzie22
All of these bullshit rumors are by other Everton websites, run by fans, who've heard somthing from someone who emailed them.


fookin bollocks the lot of them


Problem now is that every one knows how desparete we are  :(   :angry:



Yes ive heard that ronaldo is at liverpool airport as we speak <_<

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Looks like we are going to 'wait....wait and wait again'. We are not gonna have new goal poachers until the next season at least. Hmmph, Everton's management seems lacking in ambition to bring the club to the higher plane ! :(

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i dntwant him really rather have jerome come in.

but the defoe rumour is tasty, id suck off him and moyes if they pulled tht off, straight to the store for defoe on my shirt

goals...yes, pace .... yes, erection.....most definately


Defoe signed for me last season outside Goodison (On me programe)!


Can i collect that suck now or later :lol:

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Preston manager has said on Sky SPorts that he hopes to keep all his players during the window.


Its on there today saying that its just speculation at the moment and no offers so far.


Which means its not in the pipe line for us



This Whole topic on Nugent and the one on Barton should be moved to the 'jokes' part on this forum... :)

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I can vouch for Fozzie on that one -  because I have agreed with him since November :D


NO Signings -  I told you lot not to get your hopes up. Waste of time...


Yes, remember now, not like you to be so negative fozzie and say were not getting any one in :lol::lol::lol:


Think you've been rubbing off on me because im now in super neg mode, despite our 8 game unbeaten run

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