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Hello All


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I live and was born in North East Scotland and have been an Evertonian since I was 7 years old. Been to Goodison zillions of times in the past, though not for a couple of years now


Was even in the match programme once back in the early 90's as a 'far away blue'


Lookin' forward to chatting with you all B)

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Greetings :D .


Where are you now....and are you a blues guitarist in your spare time leading neatly to a rather clever double meaning name?


Thanks everyone....


Yeah Mike, I play blues guitar :)


I still live in north east Scotland, I used to get to games with my missus and we would stay at the Campanile down by Albert Dock, plus I had a mate in London so would often visit him at weekends (I work on the railway, handy!) and see the Toffees if they were in town.


Circumstances change though and I haven't been down for a couple of years like I said. Hoping to rectify that ASAP !



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