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Beattie For England?


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although somewhat biased towards BT, its rather true...


Crouch is a misfit (no pun intended) and he aint gonna survive at world cup level. Internationals is one thing (and he was shit) but the worlds top tournament - giev me a break (Around knee height).


Owen - although once a RS player, cant take away his ability, although another injury, this time a break, could hamper him and Sven may not play him (although he will be there!)


Rooney - obvious choice...unfortunately


Defoe - something about him that I do not like at all. Arrogance.


Bent (as in the good one, daz to his mates!) - I wouldn't mind seeing him there at the expense of our Beats...fair do's to the lad, he's stepped up to the big stage and not showed signs of any nerves...fast little fucker too!


That leaves our Beats...and I didn't realise that he was soooo close to a possible call up. You never know...you never know. I would love to see him at the world cup - although he would probably score 10, win the goalden boot and we'd secretly sell him to Man Utd for a buy now, pay ya when we feel like it deal.


Phil Neville should also go - especially now that Alan 'the twat' Smith is tied up - literally.

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at the moment when I see him I think he's missing that finishing touch. the one thing that you'd get slated for if you were an england striker!


he works hard, he runs all over, winning the ball, setting things up, getting himself into positions and can score a good strikers goal, however those 6 yard 1 second efforts seem to go wrong for him. you could call them "gary linekars". those are the one's that he doesn't seem to score.

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I think beatts has the potential to go to the world cup. I have to admit i am a biased beattie fan, so obviously i would love to see him there. we are starting to see signs of why we bought him and just lately, he's been playing fantastically. Take the arsenal game for example. He ran his blood to water that day and the same against blackburn. Like many of you, i still have doubts over his fitness, but when he is fully fit, he's cracking. He has already played for england so we know he has the ability. he's got moe quality than crouch anyday!!!!

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