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United V Wigan

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first half was quite a good close game, then in the second wigan came out really well and looked like getting a goal back. had they got it then it would have made for a good game.


unfortunatley united caught them out and got the second. once that was in they were never going to come back and it was only going to go one way.

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Guest fozzie22
we win 500k for FA and league cup.


1 million for premiership and CL

and we get 10% of the sell on fee

Thats nowhere near right


Assuming that the mancs won *everything*..(yeah right),in shreks 6 year contract the ammount would add up to around 38 mill.. :huh:

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Guest fozzie22
we got well and truely done over by that deal.... :(

Yes,as a club and its supporters our collective arseholes are still red from hte shafting the mancs gave us over the rooney deal..


And for me at least,pimp daddy big bk just makes it worse.

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