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Henrik Larrson

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i think we should get him especially if he's gonna be free. buying a top class striker like him could do us the world of good especially if he can stay fit. that said we should probably get another striker just incase this doesnt work out, my choices to go with him would be either nugent, pantelic or emab moteab (egyptian striker, he seems very good, would be a good loan for us, could turn out to be another zaki in the premier league).

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Guest efctaxi

Haven't we got a tradition of getting players 30 seconds before they retire ? :P

I really can't see it being the way forward in the current climate , and besides , Larson has played down any approaches according to here :



If he does have an option in the window , would he really choose us over a reunion with Martin O'neil ?

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"It's amazing. I've read so many stories linking me with a move to Everton and a move to Aston Villa when I haven't spoken to either club or any other club in England," Larsson said on his personal website.


"There is absolutely no truth in any of the stories linking me with a transfer to the Premiership. The details of talks I'm meant to have had are totally made up. I don't know where these stories have come from, but they are just untrue.


"Villa and Everton are two great clubs. I have a great deal of respect for David Moyes and obviously for Martin O'Neill, who was my manager at Celtic. But that does not mean that I've had any contact with either club about a move in January because I haven't.


"It's always flattering that people are interested in you and that I could be linked with clubs like those, but I haven't spoken to any English teams. At the moment I simply don't know what my plans are, or whether I'll continue playing football or not.


"In an ideal world if I do continue to play football it will be in Sweden and not anywhere else. I'll keep you all up to date with anything that happens, but believe me there is no truth whatsoever in these rumours."


Just the back that up - he's dismissed any English-talk.

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