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An Early Night This Window

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Not that we're expecting a huge amount of activity in January, but those still holding out hope as the window closes won't need to stay up 'til the early hours this time around...


The FA have announced that the window will close on February 2nd at 5pm.


"This is because 31st January falls on a Saturday and, in order to fall in line with procedures adopted by overseas associations, the closure has been moved from a week-end date to the first available week day."
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I won't be overly fussed if we don't do any businees in the window. I think in the past month we have shown that we have the players and the ability to match last years results we just need to work out a few of the kinks. Obviously we all want to see the club move forward and challenge the top 4 and bringing players in will be required to do so, but right now I'm happy with the squad we have.

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Ideally by this time next year we want to hang onto the squad we have and get another centre forward, a centre back, a central midfielder, and a left midfielder/winger


I dont expect we'll get anything in at janary bar a centre forward on loan, and that's all I would want to be honest


We seem to play a lot better with a smaller team of tightly knit players

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