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Ossie Ossie Ossie


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Right guys, i fully expect this to be very mixed and most people to have different opinions but lets get it started.


For me, and evidently David Moyes Ossie is a key player. I think he fully deserves to be one of the first names on the team sheet. Behind Jagielka i would argue that he has been our most consistent peformer this season. He looks good on the ball and i think everton always look alot more dangeroius when he is in the team. I am unsure how many times he has turned out for us Probably between 125-175 but think he is a v influential player. Also i hear that he is our club joker and all the other players rate him v highly.


What is every one elses opinion?


Also what a leg for staying on yesterday and battling through with a ankle injury. I doubt many other prem players would have stayed on.

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I am a fan of Ossie but he can be very frustrating. BUT that is only because I know how good he can be, so when he gets sloppy and has a stinker it stands out. Those stinkers usually happen when he's playing on the wing though, and we all know that he's not the best on the wing and he is much more suited to playing in the middle of the park.

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It's something I've said more than once before but when he's on form, like yesterday, he reminds me of Trevor Steven.


I can pay no higher compliment....just wish he'd do it every week. He had a good start to the season but has fallen off a bit recently, back on form now though....long may it last.

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Guest efctaxi

He has some good twists and turns , and gets stuck in , but he's a long way from being the finished article , if he ever will be .

For me , he opitimizes the Everton player , in that he works hard , and gets results in his own way , but just like all our other players , he lacks the x factor to make him world class .

I don't think 'any' of our players would make it into the world XI :P , but when we get enough of them playing well , we do ok :) The whole side , including the manager , lack a little consistency , but I don't think we could get a much better squad with the cash we have , so they are all little stars in my eyes for that factor alone .

Liking him to Trevor is a big compliment indeed , as TS was certainly world class in his day :)

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