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Fellaini Video


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They guy at the beginning is his father saying he will follow his son everywhere, He comes to visit him 2 or 3 days a week.

He thinks that Marouanne plays better with he is around.


Then at his flat they talk about the nice view. Then about how he misses his family and the laughs they have, and his moms food,

but that's live he says, this is a next step in his live and a step closer to becoming a man


Then he says to learn english you have to speak it with your collegues, the people around you.. But he still needs the help of gestures.


Then about his hair, his father had the same hair when he was young, when it was fashionable :D,

He doesn't know why fans wear wiggs, maybe against the cold?


Then the reporter asks about the beatles, Fellaini confesses he doesn't know any of there music, At the very end he thinks he might make the historybooks for not knowing their music.

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