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What Are We Expecting From Febuary?


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With Everton'c corrent form, I wouldn't be surprised with a clean sweep in those games. Liverpool have a decisive game tomorrow, and because of that, the midweek replay is gonna suffer. I can see Everton going through in the FA. the league games, they're though opponents, to be sure, but Everton is clearly on form at the moment, even with today's defeat...

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4th Febuary - Liverpool (Home - F.A Cup) Win

7th Febuary - Bolton (Home) Win

14th Febuary - Aston Villa/Doncaster (Home) Win

22nd Febuary - Newcastle (Away) Win

28th Febuary - West Brom (Home) Win


Think that we can get something from the Liverpool game, and if we beat them then we have nothing to fear when Villa/Doncaster come round. We'll go into the month on a high too if we can beat the shite - on home turf. We'll have to play a lot better attacking wise but defensivly its faultless, our defence has really perked up since the Wigan game.


Should beat Bolton anyday. A poor team that just lost thier only decent player, Kevin Nolan. Expect that to be at least 2-0 to us before heading to Newcastle and getting another three points, another shite team that needs to be relegated. Can't stand Newcastle, the more goals we put past them the better. 3-0 IMO.


West Brom will be the hardest game of the month, a team thats struggling and who will give anything just to get some points, we need to be careful with teams like that and I can expect anything from 1-1 to 4-1. Hard to predict this time.



WWWWW - Good month, and I think we can do it.

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Guest efctaxi
must be...


or he didn't notice that the villa/doncaster is a cup game as well. :lol: :lol:


Anythings possible with Everton .......... isn't it ? :lol:


BTW ....

We're not United . Every game is a hard match , especially from now on in .

Edited by efctaxi
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4th Febuary - Liverpool (Home - F.A Cup) LOSE

7th Febuary - Bolton (Home) WIN

14th Febuary - Aston Villa/Doncaster (Home) LOSE

22nd Febuary - Newcastle (Away) WIN

28th Febuary - West Brom (Home) WIN


Knocked out of the FA Cup twice eh? That'd be a kick in the teeth :lol: !

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