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Just Out Of Interest.........

The Beard

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I know it's irrelevant but who do you think would have been the first 5 penalty takers last week if Super Dan hadn't have intervened. I would have guessed at,

Baines, powerful left foot drive into the bottom left hand corner.

Arteta, sidefooted to the keepers left.

Cahill, smashed down the middle.

VDM, smashed low into bottom right (maybe that's why he came on).

Osman, high into top right hand corner.

Think I have been playing championship manager to long.

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Guest efctaxi
Agree with the majority. For me it would have been in no particular order:








Would Jags have fancied the job after last time I wonder ?

What's Howard like at pens ?

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Guest efctaxi
At saving them? Poor IMO. I'd never be confident of us winning a shoot out if we missed a penalty and had to rely on Howard saving one in return.


I was thinking more about him kicking one :)

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Thought Artetas penalty against Bolton was really well taken, better than Jo's.


Perhaps if Arteta had allowed Jo to take the first penalty, a new record could have been created!


Three goals on a debut, whilst on loan!!.....has it been done before?


I remember Cottee scoring three on his debut at home to Newcastle.

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