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Everton Flags, Where Have You Spotted Them

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I was watching the cricket from Antigua the other night and low and behold there in the stand was draped the Everton flag. last year at Wrestlemania a small EFC was being tosssed about like crazy so I wondered in how many different places EFC banners and flags have been seen, UK football matches involving EFC are taken for granted. Some years ago we were cruising down Lake Garda passing Bordelino when I spotted the blue ensign fluttering from a hotel balcony (could have been Bill on holiday)


Have you spotted an EFC flag when you'd least expect to see one?

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well not the last place id expect one but every round of the world cup think it may have been 2002 in japan and korea and was a guy there with a flag at nearly every game! obviously wasn't really possible at every game but still fair play! think they got him on the pitch actually if anyone remembers? other than that not sure though really will think :D

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I remember that guy Marco. He used to sit where the camera's could catch his flag. He was at 99% of the televised games which was really good to see. I can't recall off the top of my head where I've seen Everton flags. Most have just been draped over balcony's on holiday. It's awesome to see our fanbase growing though. Especially in Asia through Chang.


Anyone spotted the Everton Motorbike?

It's riding around Wellington (NZ) for anyone that's over there. :)




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After the 2007, Prix de l'Arc De Triomphe, the winner was dyland thomas, trained in ireland by Aidan O'Brien. As the horse was led into the winners enclosure a suited bloke kept trying to put an everton flag over the back of the horse after the jockey had dismounted, similar to placing ahorse rug on it. Eventually he managed it and it was on camera for a while. Don't know if the owners have anything to do with th Blues.


Me and the wife were on holiday in Crete in 1992. We got a taxi to a nearby village to meet friends. Hanging on the rear view mirror was an Everton pennant, as you would expect me and the Missus were gobsmacked. The guy went on to explain that his father was brought up in London from the 60's through to the 90's and actually attended the European Cup quarter Final at Goodison and after they knocked us out he followed our results. His son, the taxi driver, took on the mantle as a Greek Toffee, so to speak. we even got invited to his house to meet his family and to see his Everton flags which the family often put in their bar which was in the small village of Sissi, well that was a great night by all.


In January 2007, me and the missus and a couple of friends where having a drink in a bar in greenwich Village New York, called Bayards Tavern. The owners were two Irish guys, after about an hours chatting with one of the owners he asked us about football, out of curiosity, as he didn't take much interest but his partner was a mad Evertonian.


I duly showed him my tattoo, with that he phoned his partner who rushed over to the bar, it was now about 12.30am. the guy was so in touch with what was happening and had a real passion for the blues, so much that their house was bedecked with Everton stuff and Sky Sports was the order of the day for him and his mates when a game was on. Then he got out an Everton flag which they were putting up in the bar (they had only been open for 5 days at the time). Not only that but he photographed my tattoed arm and that is now the pub logo and features on their beer mats and menu cards.


A long winded post but just shows the power of the draw of the Blues. :D

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Not only that but he photographed my tattoed arm and that is now the pub logo and features on their beer mats and menu cards.


Now that's cool :) !


No particular memories of flags, but on three or four occasions I've met Evertonians on Zakynthos (couple of shirts behind bars also).


In 2005 there was a real nice guy staying with his (extremely decorative) girlfriend in the same hotel as us, balcony was only about twenty meters from ours at right angles so we used to chat about the blues between the two.


On their last night we heard a noise from their balcony quite late at night and, on investigation, it transpired that after a few bevvies they were celebrating their last evening with a bit of al fresco...er..."passion" (in case Josh reads :lol: ). Light was still on in the room...point being he still had his Everton shirt on (though he showed no sign of flagging :D ). Does that count?

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April 2007, I attended the first ever MLS home game of Toronto FC - and there were Everton banners on display outside the stadium - part of an agreement betweebn Everton and the Ontario Soccer Association.


Sadly, it was the same day we'd just lost 4-2 to Man U after being 2-0 up, so seeing the banners actually deepened my misery that day:(

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