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6 Nations

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Originally Welsh myself and a big rugby fan.


My new alleigances mean I'd like to see Scotland do alright as well.


Wales should win it and if it's not them then Ireland will.



MMMmmmm SO!.......You are a Welshman, pretending to be Scottish on a Forum for an English football team......Pretending to be Blue when in fact your red :(


Fuck all wrong with you then! :unsure:

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J'ai joué au rugby à l'école une fois que je réalisais que je n'étais pas assez bon pour l'équipe de football. Ne vous inquiétez pas vraiment qui gagne désormais les six nations car l'Angleterre ont maintenant réalisé l'habitude de faire une pointe pour la coupe du monde. Beaucoup plus important qu'un petit argument local.


Allez France (or COYB) :lol: !

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I played rugby at the school once I realized that I was not rather good for the soccer team. Do not worry you really that wins henceforth the six nations for England now realized the habit to do a point for the World Cup. A lot more important than a small local argument.


Allez France (or COYB) :lol: !


Your grammar is terrible :rolleyes:

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[b1 ]It's in my blood fella, besides kids who didn't like rugby when I was growing up got branded a "pansy" and were hung by their boxers from the nearest lamp post :gay: [/b]



[i2 ]Which is what we'll metaphorically do to the french tonight[/i] ;)


1 I know what you mean Martyn


2 Not often you're right but you're wrong again :lol::lol::lol::P:P:P

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