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Everton Need Your Help !

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Calling all Evertonians..............


We need help getting out of div 1 in this game




Everytime you play it adds to our score, no downloads and completely free


Tell every Evertonian you know, and we`ll get to the PL and beyond!!!!!


The game is highly addictive, and the league runs from Mon to Wed


Last week we got promoted from div 2, with your help we can take the PL

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I just got 38,000. That game can be played on various links. In one you choose a striker, in another you can actually play the game as a league. It uses the full fixtures from past seasons, and you play in the correct fixture order. Teams are merited, so for example if you are Everton and playing Wigan, you may have to score 9,000pts from your 10 attempts to win the match, however to beat say, Man Uts you would need to score 25,000 points from your ten shots. You can also save the game and go back to it. It is very addictice too. I'll try seek out the link.


p.s The site is called mousebreaker.com

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It's a good idea this game. I'm bloody awful at it though!! Think im going to practice.


Me too! I can't seem to get the ball at the right time and score the goal. Think that everyone should just play FIFA B)


Keep going though lads, it can be done.

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