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Guest efctaxi
All the call for new stikers and with felli cahill yak and vaughn unless we are planning on playing 442 lets get risd of saha and Vic


Why get rid ?

We need a big squad if we are to compete .


Cahill isn't a Striker , and Vaughan is unproven . Yak is about to return from a long injury spell , so the more the merrier untill things iron themselves out .

Review the situation in January .

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Still think people are being too harsh on anichebe! I know he hasnt been brilliant but hes only 20/21! He's convinced me when he has played well that he has a future in the club because he's a real handful. I know he needs to better his attitude but i think with a good pre season and a run of games he could be a very good striker. Definately dont think we should get rid anyway!

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Yakubu!....When he's good he's very good, when he's bad he's very bad!


Forwards need chances, feeding if you like.The Yak's not exactly a work horse, but with Arteta, Fellaini, Pienaar and Cahill behind him and on form, then on his day he's one of the best finishers in the prem.

Be great to have him back and fighting for his place, just as long as he want that place bad enough.


There was a focus on Drogba before the cup final, and how just into his 20's he was classed as being only a decent French 2nd division player.

Anichebe has potential, defenders don't want to play against players like him.This season has seen him winning more in the air and holding the ball well, he even gets a few shots off from outside the area.No way get rid of him or Vaughan, their time will come.


With a really good forward threat, Cahill, Fellaini, Pienaar and Arteta should score more goals between them while defenders keep their eyes on the main threat Yakubu (but only when he's good)

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i'll put money down now, in three years anichebe will not be playing for a club challenging the top half the the prem.


I will take your bet mate and double it that he wont even be playing in the Prem after three years.


He has had plenty of chances to prove himself for our club age as i've said is not a massive factor in todays game he is not a 16 year old kid who needs nurturing and shaping up He's had enough time to make an impact.

I know his wages wont be very big but do we have the funds and the time to hope players come good i myself dont think we do and we should look to make money on him whilst we can.

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i still think anichebe can do a job for us and hes just a late bloomer but when he got played he was played out on the right and he aint a winger but he played without moanin, at least hes attitude is right. he is a good player i think and he will come good. hes top scorer in champs league at munich on my fm :P

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He played alright on the right i thought, still not convinced he will be a stiker here for years, maybe a hull subsitute, reminds me of a very poor Heskey. All that strengh and abilty to finish but wastes it by getting knocked over too easy and missing too many shots.

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