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Tt Awards:- Best Newcomer

Best Newcomer  

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  1. 1. Who is the boards best new member?

    • Jimmy The Blue
    • efcTaxi
    • Dark
    • The Regulator

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Guest efctaxi
I also thank those who voted for Dark, I find this sort of thing so embarrassing :o . TAXI TAXI TAXI


You can only vote once Jimmy :lol:


Free picture of Bill naked at his computer to all those who vote for me :thumbsup_anim:

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haha but if you notice my welcome i had troubles and forgot and then searched out a site found this and realised i was a member already :lol: then i was reborn on the site so it counts as bein new :P



Haha, Thats pretty funny. Like myself, ive been a member for a years, BUT when i joined i were reading these pages something like 2-3 weeks, then my pc crashed for real. And when i got money to bu a new one, i seriously didnt remember name of this forum :huh: . Then 1 day i saw a email on my mailbox. Louis had send me also(prolly all registered) a interesting message about Kirkby plans and that vote for all shareholders. There were link to forum also and thats how i founded my way back here lol. I were off about3 years or something lol

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Guest efctaxi
Didn't think I'd get any :blink:


fair play thanks guys have enjoyed my time here thus far ;)


I voted for me , or you could have had my vote lmao :lol:


Here's a Welsh smiley instead sheepshagger.gif


:D:D :lmaosmiley: :laughingsmiley:

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