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Mikel Arteta

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Good mouning from Spain, First I ask for excuses you for my bad English ;I´m an Athletic Club de Bilbao fan , an d in this days one speaks very much , about the posible Signing of Mikel Arteta , I want to know if there it is commented a little ; Anyway Which is the price of Mikel?


Thanks very much,


PD. This is our life http://www.athletic-club.net/

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:lol: But seriously, in all honesty I think the club would want at least 10 Million Pounds for Arteta. But I strongly doubt that he will be leaving the club this Summer.


Is commented that since he is going to be a father wants to return to españa in order that his son grows in Spain

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Guest efctaxi

I think if we got Moutinho , then your chances of getting Arteta would increase , but I expect the sum to be at least £15 mill . I'm not sure moving there would increase his chances of an International place though .

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i think it would take at least £15m, he'd be pretty hard to replace


however if he does want to see his son grow up and see out his career in Spain, which is nice.

Then perhaps he would be better off doing that in a couple yrs or so, and for now enjoy playing his football for one of the biggest clubs in probably the best league in the world. We are almost €uropean football cert's under moyes and things are only getting better.


He can go back to Spain in a couple+ seasons with a smile and some winners medals to tell his son about when hes older

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All i know is i'm sure ive seen your no.20 on a tv advert - gillette or hair dye perhaps. Maybe he could give some tips to your no.13!





I think Arteta will end up in spain but not for 2 more yrs.

IF you were to try to buy him now, I reckon we'd be after £15mill (would be more if if he ever gets his call-up to the national team).

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